June 2021 Wall Layout Update: Now even cooler

DK/ June 5, 2021/ What's Next

Picture of a wall with shelves and multiple computers and monitors

I've made several updates to my wall layout over the past year. Almost every monitor is now attached to an arm or some kind of wall mount. I added the keyboard, mouse, and tablet mounts.

Keyboard, mouse, and tablet mounts on extendable arms
These were not designed to have multiple arm extensions attached to each other, but I think that they will probably be fine.

The keyboard mount is a heavy-duty Ergotron mount attached to two extensions with a slide-out mouse pad that really is not big enough for using an actual mouse.

The mouse mount is made out of some monitor arms and two extensions and an old warped hard-shell Alienware mousepad turned upside down and attached to the VESA mounting plate with regular M4 monitor mounting screws.

The tablet mount is part of a leftover monitor arm from the mouse mount solution with an adapter plate for a monitor that I don't own attached to it, and part of a tablet mount for a Tony Little exercise bike that I don't own attached to that.

Wall of computer equipment with monitors mounted
Those monitors on the bottom center and right are attached to arms. The one in the center blocks the one on the top when it is all the way up, but I typically only move them up to eye level for when I am standing, which does not cause the top one to be blocked.

The nice thing about these wall mounts is that I got them all at an auction for $30 total, and I turned a profit by selling the ones that I wasn't going to use.

I mounted the set of drawers to a shelf and to the wall. They are parts drawers that I picked up at the RadioShack liquidation.

Speaking of the RadioShack liquidation... The drawers, the shelves, and the 8 ft x 2 ft wall grid panels (among other things) came from 7 different local stores, but mostly from two local mall stores. I talked the facilities manager at one of the local malls into selling me the wall panels after the liquidation was over and the location was closed and sat vacant for a few months. I ended up paying less than $3 per shelf and less than $14 per wall panel. The panels are super easy to install. All it takes is attaching a 2x4 to the top of the wall and the panels to the 2x4. The shelves were designed specifically to accommodate electronics, and they have channels and slots built-in for cable management, which is excellent for me (imagine how it would look if they DIDN'T have any cable management features).

I boxed up the TV because it took up too much space on the wall and I rarely used it anyway. I might eventually decide to mount another panel to the adjacent wall and then mount the TV to that, and then still rarely use it.

This layout features sitting, standing, exercise bike, and supported-leaning configurations.

In case you are wondering:

  • I don't really NEED 5 monitors, but I HAVE 5 monitors and the ability to mount and use them all. The two monitors on the left are the HP Sprout and a Samsung monitor that is plugged into it.

  • I don't get distracted by all of this stuff. The exact opposite happens. I am in a functional environment that meets all of my needs where I can control the temperature, noise, and light levels.

Plus, there are cats.

Two cats laying on cat furniture
A cat and a laptop sitting on shelves