CoolDKAI Public Relations Master chatbox

About CoolDKAI Public Relations Master

CoolDKAI Public Relations Master chatbox

CoolDKAI Public Relations Master is a Botsonic-hosted chatbot based upon a GPT-4 level large language model. It has been directed to answer questions about my background and experience, and trained with:

  • My long form resume
  • An intricately detailed 100 question interview about my background, experiences, and interests
  • Other sources of data that are specific to my knowledge and interests


CoolDKAI PRM is available by invite only. If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, you probably got to this page from my LinkedIn profile. If you want to give CoolDKAI PRM a try, please reach out to me directly on LinkedIn and I will send you an invite.

Perpetual Development Initiative

This is still very much a work in progress, but what AI chatbot isn't a work in progress?

CoolDKAI has been known to:

  • Forget your name
  • Introduce itself more than once
  • Not always understand when you have pasted a job full description and ask for it multiple times
    • If this happens, try the "Dude please" method (send something like "Dude please" and CoolDKAI will look again expecting to find something else)
  • Suddenly start saying "Hmm, I'm not sure" over and over
    • If this happens, try the "Okay so" method (send "Okay so" and CoolDKAI will recap the discussion so far and ask you to continue. This is also useful for getting conversations back on track)
  • Forget that I have experience with certain technical topics and say that I do not when I actually do
  • Tell ridiculous subtle jokes and mention "irony" over and over
  • Have the chatbot host service (Botsonic) sometimes cut off responses, and then not always able to fully repeat the last response
  • Not have a working voice output function on mobile