DK’s Cool eGPU Experience – Part 1: Mini PCI-E

DK/ September 18, 2019/ eGPU Series

The term "eGPU" refers to an external graphics processing unit. It is a video card that is externally attached to a computer, and not integrated or attached inside of a case. An "eGPU dock" is the adapter used to connect the video card to the computer. The term "enclosure" might be used in place of "dock" for adapters that feature a housing for the video card.

Add “Open Admin Command Prompt” to the Explorer context menu in Windows 10 (with keyboard shortcut)

DK/ May 13, 2019/ Windows

Does this ever happen to you? You're trying to open an admin command prompt in Windows 10, and want it to start in the path of an Explorer window that you already have open, but when you Shift+right-click, the option isn't there. You either see Powershell or just the regular command prompt option. Now you're stuck with a lot of copy pasta and wasted time! Well not anymore! Hi, DK here with some registry edits. Today, I will show you how to open the admin command prompt in an explorer window with ONLY TWO CLICKS! You read that correctly. TWO CLICKS!