HSN – Black Friday Doorbusters

DK/ March 15, 2020/ Portfolio

This is the 2017 HSN Black Friday Doorbusters page featuring a custom timer plugin.

Some notes:

  • I intentionally set the timer to have 30 seconds left in the current hour before revealing the new item so that you won't have to wait around. Normally, the timer would start as the number of minutes and seconds until the next hour and then count down.
  • A new item is revealed every hour.
  • All links have been disabled. Originally, clicking on an item would open a product detail modal.

There is also a mobile version which can be viewed by using the developer tools and turning on mobile device emulation. HSN's approach to responsive design at the time involved detecting the device and delivering device-dependent content. The site was not designed to gracefully degrade, and this project was no different.