Tractor Supply Company – Ridgecut brand launch

DK/ March 15, 2020/ Portfolio

This is the Ridgecut brand launch page for Tractor Supply Company.

This was a challenging project that uses cross-browser friendly SVG clip-paths and features parallax scrolling and background video on desktop browsers.

I completed this experience in less than two weeks, after which I added similarly functioning parallax layout variants to their CoreMedia CMS.

This project uses ScrollMagic with the GSAP plugin for animation and TweenMax.


  You work no matter the conditions — in rough weather, through long days, on dirty jobs. To meet these demands, you need more than just workwear. YOU NEED TOUGHWEAR.   Tough enough to hold up to whatever the job throws your way.   Because your work is our work, Ridgecut is built for comfort to meet any challenge with every stitch.   SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.   Exclusively at Tractor Supply.


  Ridgecut has workwear treated with a Max Repellent water and stain shield, built to take on the rain, snow, mud and sweat you encounter when the work doesn’t pause because of the conditions.   Harsh weather won’t get in the way of any job.  


  When it comes to your work, you don’t just need workwear, you need toughwear.   Ridgecut has workwear built with Cordura reinforcements making it tough enough to tackle any project. Crafted with top‑of‑the‑line abrasion‑resistant technology, you can be confident your workwear is as tough as you are.   So tough it’s in the tagline.


  Ridgecut is practical toughwear that doesn’t come at the expense of comfort.   Ridgecut has workwear with articulated elbows and a bi‑swing back giving you the freedom to move around in full motion. From reinforced knee and elbow patches to fleece hand-warmer pockets, this workwear is designed to be as functional as you need it to be.


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